Project Description

Charismatic Kitchen

With a recent Family room remodel complete and failing kitchen appliances our clients hired us to remodel the rest of the ground floor space. We had a proportionally small kitchen, dining room and sunken Living room which all needed updating to accommodate a family friendly space. We raised the floor of the Living room and built new walls to house the relocated Dining Room also forming a new Entry Hall.

The rest of the space was developed into a spacious kitchen accommodating a large island for teenage kid’s meals and homework dividing the space for Mom’s meal preparations. A corner of the new kitchen was developed into a casual seating area, so family can chat, relax, surf the net in proximity of Mom’s work area.

With hilltop views of the ocean we eliminated wall cabinetry in lieu of additional windows and housed dishes and glasses in a custom –made hutch incorporating salvaged tin ceiling panels.

The refrigerator and pantries are located opposite the hutch within easy reach of the island for food preparation. The cabinetry rises to the 10’ soffit height which we formed to humanize the proportions of a nearly 14’ ceiling. The Venetian plastered hood over the Cornue Fe boasts a reclaimed beam as a mantle echoing the mantel styling of the fireplace in the Family Room opposite.

White painted cabinets are used around the perimeter and complimented with a distressed raven island and warm wood hutch. Perimeter counters are light creamy white granite and the island top walnut wood. The whole area is pulled together with distressed walnut wood floors which also flow up the newly designed stairs and railing to the upstairs sleeping accommodations. The family of 4 fits in the space like a glove and are now ready to build an outdoor patio which will be accessed from the new French doors on left of the range.