Project Description

Coastal Cottage

As we had successfully designed a remodel and extension to our clients Del Mar home, we were then asked to design the exterior and interior details of a cottage they proposed building on the property. Some of the goals we were asked to achieve in this 2-story cottage were to provide a self-sufficient “granny flat” for Grandma’s visits from the East Coast, a yoga studio and an office “man cave” on the second story to take advantage of the Pacific Ocean views.

We continued with the Cape Cod styling of the family home in the cottage guest suite and designed casework to provide a welcome paneled entry extending to a window daybed with storage. Opposite the entry, we designed a kitchenette in the same styling with paneled appliances; giving a more furniture aesthetic to this utility area that’s shared with the bedroom space.

The yoga studio designed adjacent to the guest suite has a separate entrance with bi- fold doors allowing these to open the entire wall to the fresh sea breezes whilst practicing yoga.

His office is reached by an exterior staircase. We paneled the entire room providing all the storage, electronic and functional needs desired by the owner. The back wall of the office accesses a bathroom through the library secret door. French doors adjacent to the office entry access a small deck where the ocean views can be enjoyed.

The cottage addition now completes our clients’ compound in an East Coast aesthetic they are charmed with.