Project Description

Established Elegance

The baby boomer homeowners inherited a sprawling single-story home from their parents, high on a cliff, overlooking the shores of the Pacific. Their main remodeling goals in renovating the outdated 30-year-old kitchen included updating the appliances to the 21 st century with energy efficient models, introducing their own design aesthetic, and relieve the congestion of an island cooktop opposite the wash-up sink.

As design professionals, we had several goals of our own. We aimed to professionally guide our homeowners to achieving a functional kitchen with zoned areas of function, comfortable thoroughfares and aesthetically achieving a look to complement the architectural features and millwork that were already present in the home. There were several limitations and challenges in this kitchen being that it is located in such a narrow space. We had to re-space plan the kitchen footprint and by taking some space from the pantry located behind the existing kitchen, we were able to create a cooking nook for the cooktop. This allowed us to create comfortable thoroughfares in the kitchen when major appliances were in use alleviating current congestion.

The appliances that we chose were also selected to help achieve these goals and deal with the limitations of the space. For example, we chose refrigeration that is truly built-in to preserve aisle spaces around the kitchen and have a well developed system of applying cabinet panels to the exteriors for a traditional aesthetic. The wall ovens and microwave were chosen to provide quality, function, and aesthetic to compliment the overall design look.

What makes this kitchen special is that the composition fits comfortably and beautifully in the space, recognizing the existing architectural elements in the home. This helps give the feeling that it has, “always been there.” No design gimmicks or flashy features here, but rather a kitchen that is comfortably proportioned and detailed to the sensibility of this traditional home.