“Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.”



“Cheryl Hamilton-Gray and her creative team have been instrumental in bringing life to my dream home. From our first meeting, it was clear that she listened to the vision I had in mind. Her questions helped clarify what had previously been ideas. She took the photos and descriptions and provided several plan choices, then a detailed plan, which included technical drawings for the contractor and sub-contractors to work from. Her knowledge of architecture, lighting, and design and her ability to complete the different phases in a timely way, helped contribute to the overall good experience of building this home. She always had several choices of style and cost, respecting my choices and offered wonderful surprises, to make certain areas of the home special. I highly recommend Cheryl and her team!”

– Ariane Hudson, December 22, 2017

“Cheryl and her team are the best! Not only is she great to work with, very responsive, creative, and highly professional, but she delivers a high-quality, complete product with attention to detail and budget. We did a lot of our own research on products, and Cheryl was accommodating but also willing to share her expertise and steer us in the right direction. The subcontractors we worked with, many of whom did not know Cheryl personally, all commented on how complete and clear her plans and directions were, and how easy they were to follow. We are already planning to work with her again on our next project.”

– Kathryn Dominguez, December 15, 2017

“I used the amazing services from Hamilton-Gray Design to help me turn my Spanish fixer-upper into a dream home. Cheryl’s great ideas and beautiful designs elevated my project into the model home category. Her attention to detail, including architectural items like sconces, niches and arches, resulted in the exact look I wanted. I just completed my kitchen renovation phase. Had it not been for her design, drawings and plans, there is no way my kitchen would have come out so amazing. Everything fits and makes sense. Lots of cool and practical ideas were included – only things that an experienced designer could offer. Everyone on my renovation team – contractor, subcontractors, cabinet maker – leveraged her drawings. It kept everyone on the same page. Those drawings were very detailed, down to showing where each electrical switch should be placed. When requesting quotes from multiple contractors, I provided them with the plans and drawings. Because of the level of detail in the plans, I was able to compare “apples to apples” across all the estimates. Cheryl and team are great (and fun!) to work with. Professional, classy, trustworthy — they keep their promises and commitments. I started by giving her a few ideas of what I was looking for and she came back with designs and options that pushed me out (just a little!) from my comfort zone. During the project, she helped guide my decisions on the path of good design. The journey with Hamilton-Gray Design was enjoyable. I definitely would use them again and recommend them to anyone who wants to transform any part of their house into a beautiful dream home.”

-Scott Cabral, December 14, 2017

“I can’t speak highly enough of Cheryl and the team at Hamilton-Gray Design. We had never used a designer in our remodels before, but they completely SAVED our project this time, providing incredibly detailed and inspired design that really brought our vision to life. We remodeled our entire house using their designs and our contractor said he had never worked with a designer as detailed, accurate, easy to communicate with, and talented as Cheryl. Thank goodness we found Hamilton-Gray Design!”

-Emily Baum, May 4, 2016

“This is the second project for which I have engaged Cheryl — she is the ultimate professional. We were delighted with her initial work, which has won rave reviews from our family and friends — and many visitors eager to see our marvelous renovation. Our trust in her led us to request an expansion of her strategic vision. We needed to create a harmony and flow between the newly renovated upper floors of our home and our unrenovated first floor. The original first floor was a jumble of awkward spaces, no storage and 3 utilitarian guest rooms/3 bathrooms. Cheryl created an astoundingly cohesive flow, adding charm and personality to these pedestrian areas. She was on time and UNDER budget. She is unrelenting about the aesthetic impact but equally cost-conscious, Cheryl took the lead in repurposing where possible, and finding a range of price points from which we could choose. We are thrilled with our new tile-accented staircase, wrought iron handrails, and wrought iron door — all of which she designed. She brought in dramatic style with art niches and a tile-design “carpet” in what otherwise was a boring walkthrough area. Beyond the charm and style, she created a spacious new office/entertainment area and storage areas — archways, beamed ceilings, wood floors. Amazing charm AND high utility factor. Everything is designed for ease of use and functionality. She helped tremendously with décor: color, furnishings, lighting, etc. We are thrilled. In both projects, Cheryl was so precise and insightful that we did not need an architect. she worked seamlessly with our contractor. In both renovations, Cheryl worked closely with use, listening intently to our goals. She has created our dream house — a creative flow and cohesive space that is the epitome of charm and style. She is a jewel. We could not recommend her more highly!”

-Ellan Cates-Smith, September 15, 2014